Travel Tips To Know Before You Go To Maldives

For those who want to travel to Maldives and enjoy the beautiful sea and the amazing view, this is for you, I know not everyone who travels can spend a lot, so the following tips will help you manage your budget and do what you love at the same time,

  • While things like foods and drinks have to be shipped to Male and then bought to resorts, there are taxes on it as well. You may also see that price of 3-4 star hotels and that of 5 star is often same and sometimes higher. They apply 2 taxes that change rapidly as service charge and goods and service tax. On top or bottom of any price list / menu you may see it. This tax not only applies for food but also the activities, rentals and etc.
  • Nowadays all-inclusive resorts have become trending among people and will be given different things to choose from. But be aware, not all “all inclusive” things come with quantity and quality. So before you select your Tioman island resort, make sure to inquire them of the things they offer and do not ever hesitate to ask any question you wish to know about. Remember, you paid for this trip so try to get the best out of it.

  • While Maldives is a perfect get away from work life, there are some things you just can’t ignore. So for many of you Wi-Fi is a must. While some resorts provide you with free connection some charge for it. These charges may reach around 160 USD per week, and the connectivity may be pretty slow as well. Do check if you are given Wi-Fi in your room or just the lobby, if so, you could also try getting you work done at a coffee shop or a bar.
  • For those who are on a tight budget, do make sure that the bills are set right in the middle of your stay o avoid any sort of surprises art the check out, and make sure to check out at least half an hour from your room to avoid any sort of extra charge as well. You never know when an emergency may pop up.
  • To get the best of your holiday, try to contact your agency or the resort on the location of your villa. Try to avoid being located next to bars, restaurants, generators and diving jets. Some areas suffer from erosions of the monsoon, so check out for a nice view and if you do have privacy matters you could ask for more hidden and protected water villa,
  • As you know, one beauty in Maldives is that, one island is one resort and there are many boat rides you have to take from the airport to the hotel and etc. these boat rights may not be great as you think. When the water gets rough and due to bad weather, you ride maybe longer than you expect it to be. While you may get sea sickness, you might also get back pains. So for those who may need attention on their backs, this may needed to be considered.

Hope these tips gave you some things you may have needed to know about. Have a safe journey!