Six Reasons To Have A Winter Wedding

Most people are waiting for summer to take their weddings but have you ever wondered how beautiful a winter wedding would be? You might think it is gloomy and dull, but with the right décor, food and dress, it would be a perfect setting for a memorable wedding. So here are a few reasons why you should marry in winter rather than going with the common idea of summer-weddings.

1. It is so romantic
Cold weather is the perfect excuse for you to snuggle with your loved one and there could not be any day better than you wedding. Those cozy and loving photos captured while snowfall by your best wedding videographer in Singapore, would bring out the real meaning of a wedding where two souls become one. On a more practical note, grooms will not feel uncomfortable in their suits and brides would not have to worry about their make-up melting.

2. Wedding dress
Winter is the perfect time to try on some new and stylish add-ons. You can dress up in a super trendy fur coat, a fluffy bolero or even a silk or velvet cloak that give your dress some added elegance. Also, if you are trying to hide some extra weight that you have gained, this would be a great option to cover it up.

3. The bouquet
Winter is the perfect time to get creative with your bouquet. Instead of fresh flowers, you can use feathers, silk flowers, crystals, pearls and even Christmas baubles if the time is right. It’s all about dressing to the season, so do not hesitate to try out new things.

4. Guests
Since winter is the holiday season, you need not worry about any absentees. All your loved ones will be free and happy to join to celebrate this special day of yours. Since winter is a season with not much events, they would be delighted to come and enjoy an evening.

5. Availability and discounts
If there are any last minute bookings of photographers, videographers, makeup and hairdressers and even venues, you need not worry. Due to the lack of events during winter, these professionals will most probably be available. Also the good news is that since they do not have many bookings, they will give you discounts. So you can get the tight professional package for a low price.

6. It’s fun and different
Since not many couples take winter weddings, your wedding will stand out and also be remembered. Your guests will actually be looking forward to come for the celebration since they may also be bored at home. Also you can theme all you décor and food according to winter. For example, you can serve your guests hot chocolate instead wine and champagne. Think how much of costs that will cut off.

Consider the above factors and have a memorable winter wedding.