Most Commonly Used Consumer Electronics And Their Uses

If you are planning on buying yourself a new electronic device, then this article may help you decide on which one is right for you. Whether it is a smartphone, tablet, notebook or a hybrid device, they all have their applications. Here are some of the categories of consumer electronics.

SmartphoneThis is the most common device and probably the most essential of the lot. Smartphones have developed quite drastically that they can be used for a wide variety of applications other than sending messages and making calls. Smart phone can be used as gaming devices, if you need a portable gaming devices. Top end phones like the OnePlus 3 or iPhone 7 are capable of handling the most graphic intense games that are available for mobile devices.

Notebook computerNotebook computers are the largest portable tech device when compared to smart phones and tablets. Notebooks also have a wide variety of uses and have almost completely replaced the desktop PCs which were a lot more common a few years back. The only real benefit of using a desktop PC over a laptop would be the increased specifications which are more well suited to gaming. One of the most common brands for notebook computers is Hewlett Packard, and you will have a wide variety of models to choose from at HP shops in Singapore which are located worldwide.

Tablet ComputerTablets are an intermediate tech device that lies somewhere in between smartphone sizes and notebook computers. Tablets are primarily used if you need to have laptop like features whilst having a device that is a lot more portable than a laptop. If you wish to use the same features as your pc then you can buy Surface Pro that has highly competetive price, which is a Windows based tablet by Microsoft. Tablets are also more superior than smartphones when it comes to gaming experience due to the larger screen sizes.

Hybrid devicesThe above three devices are the main forms of portable technology. There are also devices that are hybrids of two different devices. For instance, the “phablet”, which is an abbreviation of phone tablet, is one such hybrid device. These devices have all the phone like features with the addition of having a large, tablet-like screen size while maintaining portability. Apart from phablets, there are also laptops that come with detachable screens which lets them be used as tablets when undocked. These are great choices if you are stuck between deciding between the two and don’t want to purchase them separately.

Although these devices do come in different sizes, their prices may be similar, depending on the specifications that you are looking for.