Last Minute Gift Ideas

We’ve found ourselves in that awkward situation where we forget a loved one’s birthday or anniversary amidst our busy schedule. Fear not for there are many ways in which you can make it up to them by getting them a last minute birthday gift. Here are a few last minute birthday gift ideas that will not look too last minute!

FlowersThe easiest and least expensive yet sweetest last minute gift. A bunch of flowers say a lot of things, and last minute isn’t one of them. Make it extra special by getting them their favorite flower and adding a sweet note at the end of it. If you’re away and cannot give them the flowers personally, you can always deliver an gorgeous online flower in Singapore or two (or a dozen) to their doorstep!

DIYDIY is not only easy but it won’t cost you much either. It’ll even be extra fun if you’re the crafty type of person, but if you’re not it shows how much of thought you put into making them a gift when you’re not the kind of person to do so (win-win situation either way!). The gifts that you can DIY are endless, from picture frames to soft toys of your choice. It’s just a matter of getting the supplies and getting started with the internet acting as your aid! Add your own twist to whatever you’re constructing to make it more personal. If you are interested about unique gift you can visit this site

Cakes/candyThe next best idea for a last minute gift would be cake. Everyone loves a bit of cake, so why not get a cake delivery straight to their house? You find numerous caterers and bakers that customize cakes to suit the occasion. However, if it’s last minute customizing an entire cake tends to be a little difficult, however anything as simple as adding their name or their age to it will bring in that special effect! If not for cake, even a few chocolates or their favorite candy would do the trick.

Photo journalIf you’re looking for ideal gift that is meaningful, an ideal gift would be to make a photo journal of all the moments you’ve created with them. This usually needs more time than the gifts listen above, but could be made nonetheless. You need to pick out the best photos of them, yourself and the two of you together, get them printed and paste them on a journal with a few captions about the photo next to it. Not only is this idea meaningful and in-depth, it will bring a smile onto their faces each time they go through it. You could also leave a few pages blank, so that they can keep adding pictures each time you’ll create new memories. The next time life gets in the way of an important occasion, you already know what to do.