Keeping Our Mouth Healthy

Most people have little knowledge about keeping their teeth healthy and will usually face many issues with their teeth even in their teenage years. As an example, the average adult brushes their teeth for about thirty seconds and will almost always brush for less than a minute when in reality the recommended time for brushing ones teeth should be at least three minutes. As much as brushing is important, flossing daily is also just as important but very few adults or children floss their teeth which means there will almost always be small minute unnoticeable parts of food in their teeth that will start to rot sooner or later. It would be very beneficial for you to try and watch a few videos online about how to correctly brush ones teeth and also how to brush your children’s teeth because it is almost guaranteed that you are doing it incorrectly due to lack of knowledge.

Diet and lifestyleMany people do not connect their diets and lifestyles to their dental care in Singapore but the truth is that our diets and our teeth are very much inter linked. It is important for us to limit the amount of sugar we take in on a daily basis and also to limit the amount of acidic drinks that we drink because these are playing a big role in our teeth decaying and getting destroyed.

While teeth cleaning is important, our diets are also equally important for our health. It is important that we stay away from sugar and acid.

An interesting experiment is to place a tooth in a cup of coke overnight watch what happens to the tooth. You will notice that the tooth will melt and there will be no sign of a tooth in a day and so you can imagine what the constant intake of these drinks is doing to our own teeth. Imagine the danger of drinking a cup of coke and going to sleep without washing our mouth or brushing our teeth. These drinks and many different kinds of food weakens the outer layer of the teeth known as the enamel and makes it a lot easier for our teeth to start rotting. Brushing our teeth with a toothpaste that has fluoride in it on the other hand strengthens the enamel or the outer layer of the teeth making the decay of our teeth more difficult. It is important for us to learn the correct way or brushing and flossing our teeth in order to get the maximum results from the action.