Finding Good CAD Courses

Due to the way CAD software like AutoCAD and Solidworks see use in engineering design, mastering the use of this type of software packages is fundamental if you want to pursue a job or career in the field of engineering design. The software itself can be pretty confusing for some beginners, and the best way to get familiar with it is to find a good training course that you can attend in your spare time.

Nevertheless, keep in mind that just about any course won’t cut it: you need to find something that helps you expand your knowledge about CAD, the way to use it and even some tips and tricks to make your work easier. So you should do a lot more research than normal before enrolling in a course. This ensures you get your money’s worth at the end of the course, which is to be able to work efficiently with your selected 3D direct modeling software.

Ask your Friends and Acquaintances

The first thing you can do when searching for CAD courses is to consult the people you know, such as your friends, close relatives, neighbors and anybody else you might be associating to see if they can give you a recommendation. The chances of finding a good course like this are multiplied if you manage to contact somebody who has completed such a course, or is currently enrolled in one.

Search the Net for Courses in Your Neighbourhood

Searching the Internet for suitable courses is a lot easier than wandering around aimlessly without a clue. Just type in the relevant keywords, and you should be able to locate at least an institute or two worthy of contacting. Even then, don’t just go ahead and pick up the phone: go check their website to see what they have to offer. You need to ensure that their study programs are in line with what you are looking for.

Start with the Basics Before Moving onto Advanced Lessons

Those who are really struggling with the software package that they are currently using should look into getting Solidworks essentials training before applying for advanced programs and courses. This is because their content is laid out assuming that you already have a certain amount of knowledge regarding the use of the software package. Switching software packages is also not a great idea most of the time, as they are actually quite similar: you will only end up confusing yourself some more.

Search for Tutorials in Your Free Time, Read Books

The advantage of having CAD software in so many practical applications is that you can literally find a ton of information if you are keen enough to search for it. So try to learn a few more things during your free time, such as by reading books and blog entries, watching video tutorials or doing anything else that might aid you with future CAD work.