Decorating Your Working Space On A Budget

The mistletoe from the last Christmas party is still hanging from the ceiling. The molds and grouts on the floor are starting to show and have become part of your office now. The dull curtains and the dark colored walls make your employees fall asleep and you’ve always wondered why it was so hard to keep your employees up and perky even with the addition of an espresso machine. The answer lies within the walls. Changing the interior decoration of your office can bring in a lot of changes at work. If you’re looking for a way to manage costs and change the outlook, here’s how you can decorate your work station on a budget

New coat of paint

Changing the color of your wall does the job overall. It the cheapest method to invest on changing your working environment. It’s best if you round up your colleagues and employees to help paint the office. This could reduce the labor cost that you will have to be borne with when employing professional painters. Your meeting room in Kuala Lumpur will now have the perfect ambience to discuss projects and hold discussions. Always choose a light color to make your working space look bigger. You can never go wrong with white. Its professional and you don’t have to be worried getting matching upholstery’s for the wall color because anything and any color goes well with a white background.


DIY is the best way to remodel an old vase into a new one with less money and trips to the store. An old mug can reused and painted to create a pencil holder. Use an old bulletin board to hang some tassels and pin your favorite stickers and quotes to make the stations less dull.

Add plants

Plants always give a good vibe to any kind of surroundings. It adds color and life to your surroundings. It costs you nothing and gives you the best kind of interior decoration to your working space. You don’t have the hassle of maintaining them always and it helps the environment by reducing your carbon footprint. A simple potted plant would be sufficient and cost effective.

Having your own kind of personality

When you’re engaged at a co working space, the desk that you sit at tells a lot about your character. Some might prefer to keep their desk simple and neat and while the others prefers unicorn colors and pictures. This is another simple way of decorating your working station. You can enhance them by introducing your own personal accent. It adds value to your cubicles and enhances the overall look of the working space.

Always remember that people judge you by the way your working station looks like. It gives the first impression to your clients and colleagues about the kind of office that you run. A properly decorated and organized working station can give your employees the better attitude to work and at the same time gives your visitors and clients the perfect ambience while being seated in your office.