Are Weddings Cheap?

Anyone who has ever had a wedding or been a part of one will disagree with a passion to the above statement. Weddings are an occasion which is a milestone in a person’s life and is a place to celebrate love and family. It is a place where everyone gathers from all sides of the family, friends and neighbors, to congratulate the happy couple as they embark on a new chapter in life. While it is all as afore mentioned, commercialization has also found its greedy claws and captured it and made it a whole different wedding industry all on its own. Here are a few pointers to watch out for when planning a wedding.

Watch the Budget

The first step in organizing a wedding is to draw up a rough estimate of the event. Make sure to take in to account the hotel or reception charges, the catering, flowers and other decorations, the church fees and decorations, bride’s and groom’s clothing, bridal retinue costs, photography, lighting, the list seems endless. Make a list of everything you want at your wedding along with their average market prices at the time. Thereafter, match it with the actual amount of money you are willing to spend and the amount of money you have in hand. A common trend among couples are to either obtain small personal loans with short durations to cover the costs or take on a payday loan to purchase the bulk items at once and pay the remainder to the bank or cash lender at the end of the month with your salary. Space out all your purchases so as to reduce the risk of needing a large sum at once at any given point.

Watch the Guest List

The area which incurs the highest cost that is why there are company that handle and provide instant cash in a wedding is the guest list. The higher the number of guests, larger the place and higher the number of people you need to cater to. If you are on a strict budget, cut down a few of the plus ones or the far away relative twice removed. Also, while this is an important day for your parents and siblings, it is important to remind them that this is your wedding and that you cannot allocate fifty guests to each.

Cut down on the unnecessary Items

No one will care if your table décor was on silver candlesticks or gold if your buffet spread was barely enough. You will also not remember or care about the paper of the hymn sheet if your wedding photos are horrid a few years down the line. Thus, prioritize what you want and allocate funds accordingly.