3 Amazing Substitutes For Microsoft Dynamics 365; The ERP Program

Microsoft is the reason why most of the other OS companies were eager to start their businesses. Their IT solution provider were the ones we grew up with. That’s why it is considered as the father organization of IT.

But the ugly truth is that, the world only needs effective and better products. After all, sentiments are not that much useful in technical terms. Hence, even if the Microsoft Dynamics 365, which is better than the AX version of it, it still lacks what it takes to sustain in the market. They are quite expensive and it is hard to think about any kind of a customization.

This is why it is ideal to go for better substitutes. What are your alternatives?

  • Option #1

One amazing ERP solution out there is the sap b1 partner that is considered as one of the oldest yet perfectly adapted ERP program that serves you in many ways. Although introduced in 2002, more than one upgrade changed the entire structure of the system in the best way. We’re not talking about the mere interface but the offered facilities.

In addition, due to the newly added add-ins feature for the software, another new area in the SAP solutions have emerged and that is the SAP service layer. This builds on protocols such as HTTP and OData and specifically speaking, it supports the version 3 and the 4 of OData and a few selected OData client bases.

In addition, this amazing software delivers the below services in the best way.

  1. Analytics & reporting
  2. Resource management
  3. Project management
  4. Inventory control
  5. Financial management
  • Option #2

Being the best compotator that replaced the previous Microsoft Dynamics AX version, it is safe say that the Net suite is in par with the new 365 version. But still, due the fact that this erp software in Singapore comes with separate modules such as,

  1. Management of fixed assets
  2. Payment management
  3. Inventory control
  4. Demand planning
  5. Managing of wholesalers

Makes this software compete well against the Microsoft 365.

On the other hand, people are still paranoid on going for a Microsoft product just because of the unsatisfactory experience that they had with the AX solution. That’s why you need to go for an option like this.

The other two substitutes, which are namely,

  • The SAGE series
  • ERPNext

Are also have been able to win the trust of the clients immensely.

The bottom-line is that, no matter how good the facilities are, they need to be user friendly. That is how you can make sales on these programs and how to identify the better ones as customers.